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Amigo360 - Frienda & Family Tracker

Safety tracking app helps you track your family, employee location in real-time.

Features of this amazing user friendly family tracking app

  • Create multiple groups where you can add people of your choice.
  • Find your family location on a map.
  • Share your GPS location with your family.
  • Real-time location sharing to track family location on trips with ETA from the selected destinations.
  • Real-time traffic on the maps to see possible delays in the travel of members beforehand.
  • Detailed family GPS location history with trips and places visited by all members in your group.
  • Locate registered mobile locations on the circle map.
  • Detect overspeeding by members and get notified.
  • Get notified when your family members reach their destination.
  • On the app, you can set up multiple places such as your house, school, or office. So that you'll be notified if any of your family members arrive at that spot.
  • Track your on field employee location by tracking their gps location using employee locator feature.
  • Amigo360 app can be used for fleet management by tracking the exact location of the commercial vehicles like vans, buses, trucks etc that minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment., track your vehicle location on the go as it enables real-time tracking and confirms safety.
  • You can track the delivery location of the product. All you need to do is to add the delivery location in the map and once your delivery person reaches the location, you’ll get notified in the app.
  • In any kind of emergency situation, use the “SOS Alert” feature to let other Group members know the nature of your emergency. Once you click the SOS alert button, all the group members will be notified of your location.*
  • Stay connected with your group members within the app by using the AMIGO360’s chat feature.*
  • You can check the current weather of your group members along with their battery info, so that you can let them know if their phone is about to run out of battery.*
  • Location History of registered family members.
  • Track a registered mobile phone - Can’t find any of your family members phone or you want to find your lost phone? Not a big deal. With the GPS location tracking feature you can track your mobile phone's exact location.
  • Track your family members' route so that they reach their destination safely, so you can stop bothering them by texting for their location.
  • Track the last seen details using our family locator gps tracker app.

*In the next update

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How to use

Amigo360 is the only family app that lets you create your own private groups, called Circles, of family members, Friends and share locations with them. View the real-time location of family members on a private family map that’s only visible to your Circle. Amigo360 is perfect for families who want to be able to see the location of their loved ones at all times, without having to share their location with the whole world.Amigo360: Find Family, Friends helps you stay in touch with your family and friends.

How to Create Private Groups Called Circles

  • Click on the Home Option
  • Enter a name for the circle, and then create the circle, such as My Family.
  • Then go to settings to manage the circle. Click on the circle, for example, my family.
  • Tap on the switch to enable or disable location sharing with the circle.
  • To share the location, share a unique code that will appear on the screen to invite members.
  • Create multiple circles where you can add people of your choice. Stay connected with the people that matter to you the most.
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