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Amigo360 tracker keeps your family safe

by tracking their real-time positions

Safety tracking app helps you track your family, employee location in real-time.

Amigo360-Find Friends, Family

The Interactive App Studios Amigo360 Family Tracker App lets you track your children, family, workers, and vehicles in real time. Stop worrying about the whereabouts of your employees, family, and commercial vehicles. Using the GPS tracker software, you may find the current location of any registered users that you're looking for. Because it is precise and easy to use, it may assist anyone in maintaining global connectivity. On the screen of your phone, you can easily find the precise GPS location of your loved ones. If your kids are riding in a car or going to the library, you can find out where they are with the Amigo360 Family Tracker app. You can unwind, feel at ease, and know where your kids are at all times with Amigo360. It's a clever way to instantly track your family's location. Simply download the AMIGO360 location tracking app onto the mobile device of your choice, register using the mobile number or with a straightforward Google sign-in, and then include them in your group. I'm done now! To coordinate with your family while they are travelling to your house or anyplace else in the world in your daily life, you don't need to make pointless phone calls at random.

Stop worrying about the whereabouts and activities of your on-site staff. You can easily manage your employees' precise roles and on-field responsibilities by registering them in the app, adding them to your group, and then adding specific job locations to the app. Once the employee arrives at the locations you've added to the app, you'll be notified. You can monitor and find nearby people without using other apps. Track the whereabouts of your family for their safety as well as the whereabouts of your employees, vehicles, or deliveries for your company. Simply establish various groups/circles for your family or business needs.

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